Starting Over Again

It seems like only yesterday that I was getting this site's last big makeover finished, and writing posts on the blog here. As it turns out, that didn't last.

For the last year or so, I've felt very uninspired and adrift, creatively-speaking. I feel like I haven't found a project that's sparked my brain, and I've slacked off on taking photos regularly. It's been a while since I put myself out there and sought out photographic work, and entire days and weeks have gone by without my producing anything of interest.

I'm not sure what's got me so down, but I'm making a point to change things. I've shaken up my portfolio and radically trimmed it down to what you see elsewhere on the site now, and that's just the beginning. My portfolios have always tended to be too large, without enough concise editing, so I'm fixing that. I'll be getting even tighter with the editing soon, after I get myself back out there shooting once again.

I'm making myself find the little bits of magic in my surroundings, rather than wishing I was elsewhere. Trying to view my usual haunts with fresh eyes. And I'm making sure to always have a full camera with me, wherever I go...and I might just be showcasing some work taken with a new camera in the not-too-distant future...

I appreciate your patience, and I appreciate all the kind things you've said about my work in the past. It's time to make myself get out there and make something new, and I hope you'll enjoy whatever comes of it.